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Assessing Fair Costs for CHP: MidAmerican Standby Rate Proposals Report

The Energy Resources Center provides a multitude of services in the Distributed Generation and Combined Heat and Power sectors.

  • Education and Outreach -- Providing information on the energy and non-energy benefits and applications of CHP to state and local policy makers, regulators, energy end-users, trade associations and others.

Example: Ohio’s Pilot Project for Combined Heat & Power, provided assistance to the Public Commission of Ohio.

  • Technical Assistance – Providing technical assistance to end-users and stakeholders to help them consider CHP, waste heat to power, and/or district energy with CHP in their facility and to help them through the project development process from initial CHP screening to installation.

Example:  Gundersen Health System: Onalaska Campus

  • Utility Tariff Barrier and Standby Rate Analysis

Example: Iowa On-Site Generation Tariff Barrier Overview prepared for the Iowa Environmental Council and the Environmental Law & Policy Center

Example: MidAmerican Standby Rate Proposals prepared for the Iowa Environmental Council and the Environmental Law & Policy Center

Example: Analysis of Standby Rates and Net Metering Policy Effects on Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Opportunities in Minnesota prepared for the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources

  • Energy Efficiency (EE) Program Development Technical Assistance for CHP

Example: (In Progress) Illinois CHP Pilot Program Development for Public Sector Facilities, provided technical assistance to Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (Illinois Energy Now Program)

Example: Implementing the Combined Heat and Power and Waste Energy Recovery Provisions of Revised Code Section 4928.64 & 4928.66 (Ohio), provided technical assistance to the National Resource Defense Council and the Ohio Environmental Council.

  • Boiler MACT Tech Assistance Program -- The US DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships (Midwest CHP TAP is managed through the ERC) offer technical assistance to the more than 550 major source facilities impacted by the Boiler MACT regulation.

Example: Medical Center Company

  • Illinois Biogas / Biomass to Energy Projects -- The ERC manages the State of Illinois’ Biogas / Biomass to Energy grant program for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO)

Example: Clinton County Community Manure Management and Methane Recovery Feasibility Study, prepared for Heartlands Conservancy

Example: Hunter Haven Farms, Pearly City, Illinois, 260 kW CHP system


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