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Emerging Technology Pilot Programs

Ground Source Heat Pumps (Gshp)

The Energy Resources Center always strives to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency, and emerging technologies in the marketplace in the Midwest. Ground source heat pumps meet all three qualifications and our Energy Efficiency team is working to promote the technology in the state of Illinois. The Energy Resources Center is partnered with AECOM and the Geothermal Association of Illinois to promote increased adoption of ground source heat pump system technology in the commercial and industrial market sector.

The geothermal pilot program is designed to reduce market barriers for consumers considering a geothermal system to provide their buildings heating and cooling. The pilot program is working with the Illinois Technical Advisory Committee to design a commercial ground source heat pump measure for the Illinois Technical Reference Manual. The pilot program is also working with design engineering firms to provide design education and best practices, and incentivize installation of geothermal systems. The Energy Resources Center views ground source heat pumps as an important technology to promote in Illinois, especially as interest in electrification of end users on the grid is increasing. Ground source heat pump technologies can reach much higher efficiency levels than air source heat pumps or conventional HVAC systems.