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Photo of Bohne, Nathan

Nathan Bohne

Senior Energy Engineer

Energy Efficiency


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Nathan Bohne is an engineer at the Energy Resources Center specializing in energy efficiency. He currently assists leading the effort in reducing energy use in low income and public housing sector in the northern Illinois area through multiple efficiency programs. Previously, he has worked on the State-sponsored Savings Through Efficient Products (STEP) program.  Nathan has been the lead engineer since the program’s inception in 2014. The program addressed the energy efficiency gaps in public facilities by providing low cost energy savings products and technical expertise to achieve maximum energy savings. During this time, Nathan has conducted walkthroughs in the excess of 1800 public sector facilities throughout the state of Illinois.

Nathan also has diverse and extensive experience in building energy analysis and assessments. He has authored over 30 ASHRAE Level 2 equivalent energy audit reports. Other activities and interests include renewable energy, battery storage, income-qualified energy efficiency programs, potential studies, combined heat and power screenings, and energy efficiency behavioral studies.