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Program Overview

The Bioenergy research cluster is focused on conducting resource assessments for renewable energy and biofuels processes, combustion emissions modeling of biofuels, and climate and wildlife habitat impact analyses.

Addressing sustainability on working landscapes:

  • Land use change associated with biofuels production
  • Habitat restoration on marginal land and utility and transportation right-of-ways
  • Soil carbon emissions and sequestration modeling
  • Combustion emissions modeling
  • Resource and plant health assessment of biofuels crops
  • Economic assessments of renewable energy and biofuels technologies
  • Combined heat and power systems fueled by renewable resources
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from renewable energy and biofuels production along different production pathways

We employ the followings equipment and tools:

  • Argonne National Laboratory’s Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (GREET) Model as well as the Carbon Calculator for Land Use Change from Biofuels production (CCLUB) model
  • US EPA MOVES (Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator) model
  • Survey research and statistical software tools
  • Geographic information systems software such as ArcGIS