Combined Heat & Power

The Energy Resources Center (ERC) functions as the implementer for the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) offering under the ComEd Energy Efficiency Program. To promote CHP for eligible utility customers and to meet the utility’s program goals, ERC manages a closed network of service providers capable of performing CHP feasibility studies for facilities interested in installing and operating a CHP system. Some of these service providers are also able to support installation and operations design for customers who move ahead to procure a CHP system.

The ERC also functions as outreach for the CHP market segment and can assist service providers in lead development and customer education. ERC’s management of CHP service providers ensures standardization of study deliverables and consistent messaging governing the promotion of the ComEd offering. Additionally, the ERC collaborates with utility CHP program managers to design and maintain an efficient implementation program that serves to compliment the rest of utility energy efficiency program offerings.

Program Contact

Avelino Deveyra